A Beanbag and a Storage

For women out there who have kids, you’re constantly on the lookout for products that are functional while being aesthetically pleasing to them. At times, you may score and find a single product with multiple uses. Such a product might be the Stuffed Storage Beanbag made by WEKAPO. It’s a storage bag that your kids can use as a beanbag with all of their stuffed animals inside. There’s no need to try to find space for a toy box and a beanbag chair in their room when WEKAPO’s Stuffed Storage Beanbag acts as both. It’s a fun sitting option that allows your child to take their stuffed animals with them.

There are eight different options with three different patterns. Your child can choose from their favorite color or something that matches the color of their room. It’s made out of durable cotton and is able to be put into the washing machine. It’ll stay clean for your child to use throughout their childhood. As they grow older, they can lose interest in these stuffed animals, but be hesitant about throwing them away. Storing them in the beanbag is a perfect alternative as they continue to use it.

This storage beanbag is big enough to fit a hundred stuffed animals. That means there’s enough room for all the toys of two or three kids. Just because one beanbag is enough for all your kids’ toys, doesn’t mean each kid can’t have their own beanbag. You can also stuff it with pillows and blankets to give each of your kids a soft storage seat. The creators of this product hope that it will keep kids off their own devices (a seven year old doesn’t even need an iphone) and interact with their parents and siblings. These storage beanbags are sure to encourage that. And when you decide to include a stuffed animal into family time, you can just unzip the beanbag and pull something out.

This storage beanbag could prove to be an effective way to teach kids to pick up their toys. It results in a fun and comfortable chair. It includes a simple zipper, so it could not be easier for a kid to be able to use. It has a handle for them to pull along wherever they please. They’ll enjoy having their stuffed animal friends with them and you’ll enjoy a mess free house.





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