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7 month bump

7 month bump

My name is Brittany and I am a 31-year-old housewife and soon to be mommy!  I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I recently moved back after a decade of living in Los Angeles where I met my husband Sam. Together, we are trying to juggle the demands of love, marriage, family, business, travel, pregnancy and eventually…baby! Sam and I have traveled the world and choose to work to live instead of live to work, something that is a bit too rare in modern day America. Like most new-timers we received our fair share of comments when we announced our pregnancy. Things like, “well I hope you enjoyed traveling because that’s over” or the maniacal laugh accompanied by, “I can’t wait to see how your life changes now!” So maybe we’re naive to how a baby changes your life, but these ominous comments really just propelled us to prove them all wrong. Did I mention I was competitive? I guess I should get back to you on that in a year when I haven’t seen the light of day, have no unstained clothes left and haven’t left the county let alone the country since our little one’s arrival.

I thought awaiting our first baby’s arrival would be anxiety enough.That was until I started hunting for maternity essentials and baby gear. Walking through the aisles of big box baby gear stores it dawned on me that there needed to be a go-to blog for this. Something to help parents find their way around these massive mazes of jumpers, bumpers, cribs and bibs. I’m not going to be able to review everything, but hopefully I can provide some insight as to when to buy, when to buy used and when to save your moolah.

My professional background is a motley one and that only helped to make me the Jane of all trades I am today. I worked in the entertainment and art world for years. Needless to say, I used my degree in psychology on a daily basis. Once you’ve worked with artists and driven in LA traffic every day for years, there’s little that surprises or scares you anymore. I wouldn’t blame you for judging me based on my being born and raised in the plastic world that is Orange County, California. However, I’ve also traveled far and wide and been through enough real world hardships to have a very grounded view on life. With my unconventional creative determination and severe sarcasm, I hope to help many modern women trying to do everything right in a not-so-right world. So let’s start shopping!

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