Adorable Baby Towel

The Hudson baby towel has been a dream come true. I absolutely adore this towel. It is the perfect size. This towel was absolutely perfect for my 10 month old little girl! She is smaller than average, so the head piece is a little big, but she will definitely grow into the head piece in no time. I’ve ordered other baby towels in that past, they were either too small or too soft to dry her off completely. Some of the previous towels were too thin, but this one is completely different! I have tried regular towels and she gets so fussy with those because she gets too cold after a warm bath. Not anymore!! She gets out of the bathtub and dries off smiling. This towel has the right texture to dry her off and she will be able to use it for several more years. My baby has extremely sensitive skin towards different types of materials, which has also been an issue in finding something that makes her comfortable. The Hudson baby towels do not give her skin any issues whatsoever. The Hudson baby towel is also very easy to wash and stays in tact. It shows no signs of damage or wear and tear after several washes. The price is great and the quality of the towels, you simply just can not beat. It is definitely the best price for the 5-star quality it has. We got the Hudson Baby towel whimsical unicorn from buybuyBABY, which is absolutely adorable.

We bought the Hudson baby towel elephant from Amazon.
We bought the Hudson baby girl lamb from Hudson.

All three of these are the same great material and all three make my baby girl very happy and bath time so much more enjoyable. She loves these blankets almost as much as I do!! I plan to buy a few more for her in the future. They have such a large selection of animals to choose from for each gender. There are also unisex hooded towels. They literally have 60+ Hudson baby towels! After going through and seeing the large selection, I bought one for my nephew and he absolutely loves them too! He is almost 2 years of age and he runs around with the little fox on his head, thinking he is cool with a cape! Needless to say, you can not go wrong with this purchase.

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