Astro Fun

My kids love jumping, crawling, and climbing, they have tons of energy and they get creative at times. I purchased the Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut and my kids were entertained for a long time! It comes with a tent, tunnel, and a ball pit with a basketball hoop. My kids enjoyed making a basket with the balls in the ball pit and crawling through the tunnel. My daughter likes playing Peek a Boo in the big rocket. Sometimes I put it in their room and it is not really big so I like how I can take it apart and only attach two parts together or just use one part. When I put it outside in the backyard, my kids say it is their obstacle course and they like crawling through the “obstacle course” over and over again. The plastic balls provide and added bonus because they love throwing and catching them.

I love that my kids play and have fun in the rocket, but I also like that it has the planets on it. I say the planets to them and they repeat after me. We count the planets as well. I like how it has a flag inside and all the color so I use educational as well, to go over the colors with them. I use the balls to teach them about colors and counting. The rocket tent is big enough for me and my kids to sit in and we enjoy reading in there. Reading in it with my kids makes story time fun. I like that it is suitable for small and older kids.

I love how my kids enjoy it but I also like that the velcro makes it easy to assemble the parts together, it only took 5 minutes to set up and I can put it away quickly. It is easily moveable due to its lightweight, and can be stored anywhere because it is thin. I like how it comes in three parts and they can be made into different combinations like just the ball pit with hoop or the tunnel, or the rocket ship tent. The material is soft, breathable, flexible, and durable too. I thought it came with the balls, but it does not so I purchased those too. The rate I would give this toy is a 5 out of 5 because it is safe, durable, not expensive, and most of all because my kids really enjoy it. This toy can be purchase at:




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