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Incredibly unique. While visiting a friend and her new bundle of joy last well, I noticed a basket near the crib that was filled with adorable babies, Basket of Babies. A mom being a mom, of course, curiosity peeked. As an adult, even I had a hard time keeping my hands off these soft, adorable little dolls!

My own children too grown, I am ordering it right now for my brand-new niece and her big brother (3 years old). My sister and her fiance are a biracial family so the fact that each of the babies has a slightly altering skin tone, I believe will help with some of the confusion in their 3-year-old.

A lot of children do have ethnicity related questions and while this is completely normal, sometimes as adults we aren’t sure how to satisfy their curiosity in an age-appropriate manner. Perhaps these great dolls can act as an aid in discussing and normalizing exposure to all the different, amazing ethnic backgrounds.

Also not uncommon, big brother is pretty annoyed with sharing the attention and I wish I would have known these sweet dolls existed a few weeks ago, potentially assisting him in the transition.

Buying a gift for a child, let alone a newborn is sometimes stressful so there was an amount of research put forth to be certain this would be a safe and wise purchase,

Notable Features:

  • The fabric is soft and plush, good for when the “toddler tantrums” come for a visit
  • No small components for either child to choke on, the eyes and nose are embroidered (this pretty much sealed the deal for me)
  • They are a unisex doll, which isn’t an easy feature to find anymore
  • ALL AGES (love that!)
  • Washable fabric
  • Promotes soft and nurturing care
  • Each baby is handsewn which takes care and dedication to our children’s safety

What about the pricing
I had an idea in my head that wasn’t very kind to my bank account however, the 6 handsewn dolls in a basket are more than affordable for almost any budget. I would recommend checking these 3 online retailers:

1. Amazon $38 Free Shipping with Prime
2. Target $39 plus shipping
3. eBay Price and shipping varies

Exposing our children to diversity and equality at a young age is critical. In my opinion, these adorable dolls provide that and so much more usefulness. I cannot wait to surprise my sister with them! Considering quality, cost and availability, I rate the Basket of Babies Creative Minds a strong 4/5 stars.
Overall Rating ****

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