Baby’s First Mushroom Garden

Rock It! Roll It! And Spin It!
Toddlerhood is such a critical period for the development of our little one’s brain. What better way to introduce the fundamentals of learning than through an interactive, fun toy?

BEST LEARNING Mushroom Garden is an educational and interactive toy designed for toddlers’ ages 1-5 to aide in learning numbers, colors, music and the development of motor and cognitive skills to include:

-Eye Coordination
-Logical Thinking
-Problem Solving

So how does it work? Mushroom Garden has four modes of play to include:

1) Music – plays songs and displays a vibrant light show.
2) Numbers – prompts learning of numbers through verbalization of number of dots on the mushroom.
3) Color – prompts learning of colors through verbalization of the mushroom’s color.
4) Games – provides several types of educational and interactive play.

I personally love that Mushroom Garden is designed to grow with my toddler as the activities get more advance as my toddler progresses in understanding.

You can Rock It. Roll It. And Spin It. This is definitely my go to toy to keep my toddler entertained while I enjoy some guilt-free mom time. I find that it is very engaging with the lights and various melodies. My toddler loves to sing and dance along with the music.

This has also served as the perfect Birthday gift and Christmas present for other children in my family and friend’s children. It is a unisex toy-ideal for any young boy or girl. Just wrap it nicely and wa-lah, you have the perfect gift!

It can be purchased at any of the following major retailers:

Amazon – $29.95
Wal-Mart – $29.53
Ebay – $30.00

Pricing does not include shipping rates. 3 AAA batteries included with purchase.

This item is safely handled by my toddler as it is small in dimension and lightweight (11.4 ounces and 7.9×7.9×3.9 inches). It is the perfect size for my toddler’s small hands. She usually handles the toy by picking it up by one of the mushroom modules. And as a sigh of relief, this items does not present as a choking hazard as there appears to no small pieces that could potentially fall off.

BEST LEARNING Mushroom Garden is a Multi Awards Winning Toy. To include the 2018 Family Choice Award Winner, Mom’s Choice Gold Metal, and 2017 Tillywig & Academics’ Choice Brain Child Award Winner.

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