Baby’s First Soft Books

Finding Safe Early Development Toys

As a mother, you want to give your baby the best chance they have at developing quickly. Everyone knows that a solid education can often determine how well one does in one’s life. Because of that, many mothers are looking to introduce education to their children as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, not all of these early development toys on the market put a baby’s needs first. As a result, the baby can easily choke on the pieces that are designed to help them learn instead. You need something safe which also serves its purpose to teach and entertain. Teytoy understands this need and offers a soft book option for your baby. This article will review the Teytoy My First Book product and determine whether or not you should invest in it.


When it comes to the features of Teytoy’s My First Soft Book, there are actually quite a few pleasant ones to list. Perhaps one of the most important is that the cloth used to make up the soft book is non-toxic. Babies love to put items into their mouth. No matter if it’s a bug, lego, or their own fist, if they see it, chances are it’s going in their mouth. The soft book from Teytoy is safe to be placed in their mouth. It also has a strong stitching pattern that makes it durable. Your baby won’t tear it up with ease. This is a feature that many other soft book brands typically forget or don’t include in their products. Teytoy has also made its soft book machine washable. So, if you’re worried that your baby has placed the book in their mouth a few too many times, then you can easily wash it and make it practically new.

Besides being non-toxic, My First Book also comes in a series of different topics. They have books about animals, numbers, vegetables, vehicles, fruits, and sea life. With these topics also comes the chance for babies to touch the objects that they see in the book. Beside each subject is their name. This makes the book an excellent source for early development for teaching your baby how to read.

One last feature that it boasts is audio stimulation. If touch and bright colors aren’t enough to hold your baby’s attention, then the sounds will. The squeaking, rattling, and crinkling sounds should be enough to delight your baby as they read the book.


Based on the sheer amount of features and the consideration for a baby’s safety, this product is rated 5/5 stars.

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