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Baby’s 3 Stage Activity Center
Keeping your baby safe and entertained when you’re a busy mom is hard. You want to make sure that your child is safe while you take care of the house, an older child, or business. That’s where the Skip Hop Baby’s 3 Stage Activity Center Silver Lining Cloud for children 4 months and up is perfect because not only does it keep your baby safe and entertained while seated in the activity center, but it is designed to grow with your baby. The activity center is designed to entertain, teach, and help your child develop fine motor skills. The Skip Hop Baby’s Activity Center can be modified into three stages as your child grows.

In stage one of the Skip Hop Baby’s 3 Stage Activity Center, is seated play, your baby can rotate 360 degrees while seated to play with the attached toys. There are five sensory toys that help your child play and learn. A movable electric piano that can be used with the hands or feet helps to teach cause and effect as the child connects playing the piano with the resulting music. In the second stage, cruising, the footrest becomes a table, and all the toys can be rearranged for a child’s customized play time. When your child reaches stage three, all the toys are removed, and all that is left is the table which is a chalkboard. Children’s small chairs can be paired with the table, and your children can spend time drawing on the chalkboard.

The Skip Hop Activity Center is well designed. The suction cups on the toys make it easy to remove them for cleaning, and I do like that it will grow up with my child. The Activity Center is pricey at over a hundred dollars, but it is worth the price. My baby boy loves to turn the seat around and play with the toys, but he gets a special kick of playing the piano with his feet. He giggles and laughs as he watches his feet hit the piano keys through the discovery window.

Several sites sell the Skip Hop Baby’s 3 Stage Activity Center Silver Lining Cloud. It can be found on Amazon or Target and on Buy Buy Baby.

Your child will enjoy many years use of the Skip Hop Activity Center. The activity center was created with teaching a child in mind, helping a child develop fine motor skill, and becoming a play area as it grows with your child. I definitely think that it is worth the price for all of the entertainment and fun that it will provide for a child so I give it five out of five stars.
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