Baby’s Own Bike

Are you looking for a safe riding toy for your 1-year old? I greatly recommend the XJD Baby balance bike. Fit for use by infants between 10 and 24 months old, it would be an excellent birthday present for your little one. This bike will help your baby learn to walk and ride. Using it will develop their balance, coordination, and steering skills, developing their confidence early.


Notable Features of the XJD Baby Balance Bikes


To push the bike, your baby will need to reach to the ground using their own feet. This movement will allow your child to build leg strength. This bike also encourages your baby to move their arms and feet, aiding their physical development.


Additionally, the steering is limited to 135° to prevent your baby from side falling. The bike is also made from carbon steel, making it sturdy. The EVA handle, which is non-slip, and gently supportive seat, make rides on this bike comfortable.


Its EVA wheels are not only durable, but they also make the bike extremely quiet. The wheels are also completely enclosed, with no screw nuts exposed or protruding from the surface of the bike. This measure prevents scratches on your baby’s legs or body. The wide wheels make the bike anti-vibrant, making it safe for your child to ride all day. Best of all, these wheels will not damage your floors.


You need not worry about assembling this bike as it is an easy endeavor, taking up only around 2 to 3 minutes of your time. Its modular design makes installation easy and does not require tools.


Another amazing feature of this product is its portability. You are not limited to using it at home but can comfortably put it in the trunk of your car. You can therefore carry it with you to parks, the mall, or even family vacations.


This bike comes in a variety of attractive colors like orange, pink, sky blue, and yellow, giving you many options to choose from for your baby. Its various features make it suitable for indoor and outdoor recreation. It also has a maximum capacity of 55lbs, comfortably carrying your infant as they grow.
The XJD Baby Balance Bike can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart, and on eBay.


Safety considerations


As with all XJD bikes, this product has met the requirements of the American Security Testing Laboratory. All the materials used to make this product are safe for kids.
The design also protects infants from harm while using the bike. This baby balance bike is safer than other balance bikes as its design greatly reduces the dangers associated with riding.
I give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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