Baby’s Snack Time Friends

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends are the kind of sweet, baby-faced companions you’d want for your little one. With four different styles of dolls to play with and what seems like a ton of colorful and fun accessories, this could be the doll that takes the cake!

These are 10′ inch dolls with big, bright eyes and bubbly features that are unique to each of them.

Marsha Mello has gorgeous silver hair with cotton candy stripes and a dress that matches. She comes with a winky-faced cake pop and ice cream that she interacts with. Her head wobbles and wiggles when your child is playing with them and it gives them this real, interactive feel to them that’s a lot of fun. Her dress is interchangeable and her hair is brushable, Marsha Mello can keep any child entertained for hours.




In my opinion, Marsha Mello is the cutest of the bunch and a great entry-level to the collection of four. 5 out of 5 stars.

Donatina is for anyone whos little one adores the color pink. With light hazel eyes, candy-pink hair and a sparkly bow to top it off, she’s the perfect gift. She comes with a cute bowl of cereal that you can feed her, and yes she actually does eat it! And just like her friend Mello, her clothes and accessories are customizable for endless fun.




Donatina is a lot of fun and moves in the same way as Mello, but unfortunately, she only comes with one snack to play with instead of two like her friend. 4 out of 5 stars.

Jessicake is the cupcake queen of the group. She has a pink dress with sprinkles across it, bright baby-blue eyes and hair to match and the most adorable cupcake bow to finish the look. She comes with a cupcake and sprinkles combo; watch your cutie put sprinkles on the cupcake and then feed it to Jessicake! This one like all the others is customizable.

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