Baby’s Tree Top Adventure

This activity table is amazing. There is so much going on that my baby was entertained for a long time. The colors used are so bright and vivid, it really is a beautifully crafted toy. The center is made out of solid wood so it is super sturdy and will not break easily. It is perfect to use in a daycare setting or nursery room due to the larger size of it, several children can play with it at the same time. There are plenty of beads to move and activity happening on the activity table. There is a lot of beautiful detail and artwork. I personally love getting solid wood toys for my kids. I feel the paint stays much longer and the toys last forever without breaking or looking worn. Also, the paint used is non-toxic which is super important. Toys like these can also be passed down without looking like it was. The whole center is crafted into the shape of a tree with animals placed throughout. I happened to see this toy on the View and knew I had to have it.

Another thing that I liked about this product is how sturdy it was. I did not have to worry about it tipping over and my baby getting hurt. This toy is also great for developing motor function in little ones and is even better for hand-eye coordination development. Be aware this is a little larger than some activity centers so as long as you have the room you will love it. I try to stick with toys that are natural and this one really blew me away with the beautiful craftsmanship. I have two kids and they both enjoy playing with this Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center. I plan to look into what other toys are made by this vendor and I plan to buy other toys from them since I loved this one so much. I really could not have been happier with this purchase for my kids and it also looks beautiful in their room and acts as a nice focal point when you walk into the room. Parents are really turning more towards all natural, wood toys and although they are a little more expensive, its very worth it to know they are not only made well, but safe for my kids to be around and play with.

I rate this toy a 5 out of 5 stars

Here are some places where you can buy this amazing toy:
1. Amazon
2. Target
3. BuyBuyBaby

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