Bath Time Made Fun

Bath Time Made Fun – Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy Review
Including a toy in bath time can make it a fun experience that your child will look forward to every day. This model, spouting water in an exciting arc, is a great way to make this regular activity more fun and thrilling for your little one. It uses two AA batteries, ad they are a mall price to pay for the joy that you will bring to your infant.

How Does it Work?

Submerge the toy in your bath water and watch a continuous stream come out of the spout and into three stackable cups. Use the cups one at a time and watch the water stream out or stack them on top of each other to watch the water overflow and fill all of them. Each cup features its own spout function and can be placed in arms that are specifically designed to hold them. Cups can be placed directly under the water stream or pushed out of the way to let the stream continue unbroken.

what Will This Teach My Child?

This toy is very simple for a child to turn on, teaching them the basics of cause and effect. They will see that by pressing a few buttons and turning a few knobs, they can be rewarded with entertainment for the duration of their bath time. Your infant will learn that by performing certain actions they will gain a favorable response. Encourage your child to us this toy and turn it on by themselves. Your child will learn how to better control their motor skills and this toy will train their hand-eye coordination and help with accuracy.

Are There Safety Concerns?

When used properly, this toy can be a joy. However, it is important not to let any water into the battery compartment. This can threaten the life span of this toy. It is crafted of hard, smooth plastic that is perfect for grabbing. There are no small pieces, so his is not a toy with choking hazards to worry about.

Where Can I Buy It?

This toy can be found at many large retailers. Find it on Amazon, Target, or on the Yookidoo online store. This is a well known brand that is well respected by the majority of parents, and trusted to create toys that can make small chores even more fun for children. This is a perfect gift either for your infant or for the ones you know.

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