Be Still My Little Heart…Jeans

Gap Heart Pull-on Skinny JeansThe cute pattern was the first thing that caught my eye when I saw these jeans made by Baby Gap. They are ivory with dozens of little red hearts scattered all over them. These jeans make my baby look cute on Valentine’s day along with every other day of the year! Like me, I know that other moms are always on the lookout for clothing items that are both adorable and safe for their babies to wear. Here are a few other favorable features of these heart skinny jeans brought to you by Baby Gap.

Made in a Responsible Way

Since I became a mother, I have become more aware of the methods used to make clothing for babies and older children. So, I was happy to learn that the Gap uses specially treated water in the process of dyeing and washing these skinny jeans. So, moms, you can rest assured that these jeans are created in a responsible way that allows you to feel at ease when you slip them on your baby.

A Comfortable Fit

These heart skinny jeans have a rib-knit band at the waist. This means they are easy to pull onto a baby who may be wiggling around on the changing table. Now, I know most of you moms have been there, done that! The elasticized waist means that these jeans fit babies of many shapes. In short, these jeans are made to stretch as your baby begins to fill out and grow. They are 98 percent cotton which means the material is soft on your baby’s skin. Cotton is breathable material that is perfect for those warm days in the spring and summertime.

Easy to Clean

If you are a busy mom like I am, you’ll appreciate that these heart skinny jeans can be thrown into the washer with the rest of the laundry when they need to be cleaned. Juice, formula and even the results of an overflowing diaper can be washed away without separating them from your other clothing items. I feel safe in saying that most moms appreciate appealing baby clothes that are easy to care for.

A Wide Selection of Sizes

A mom who is shopping with a baby in a store or even trying to get in some online shopping during her baby’s nap, wants to be able to find the size she needs right away. These heart skinny jeans by baby Gap are available in a number of different sizes to meet the needs of any mom with a little one. All a mom has to do is check the size tag for the appropriate number of months. I loved these jeans so much, I would suggest you buy the next size up so your baby can continue to have a spare pair in her wardrobe!

Mix and Match

I love that these heart skinny jeans go with several shirts in my child’s wardrobe. For instance, they look sweet with a bright red turtle neck or a pink one. Some days I put these jeans on her along with a white shirt featuring a large heart just to round out the heart theme! The color and pattern allows for lots of cheerful combinations.

Finally, you can find these heart skinny jeans by Baby Gap at Gap. Also, they are available at Amazon. In addition, there is a good chance you’ll find a pair on ebay. To end my review, I give these jeans a total of four out of five stars for their pleasing combination of comfort, durability, safe materials and style!

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