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Gap Maternity Dress

Let’s face it, we want to look great, but we sometimes just don’t have the energy to put into choosing a dress to wear. We just want to feel comfortable, but at the same time, we want our clothes to fit. I believe being comfortable during your pregnancy is extremely important. Moms, you will be happy to know that you can get a break from that worn and baggy t-shirt. What could be better than this long striped maternity dress? I think this long dress is such a wonderful additional to Gap’s perfect line of maternity clothing, and it will make a wonderful addition to your closet. Gap is well-known for a large selection of maternity clothes, which are both fashionable and comfortable. Feeling yourself is so important, and this dress will keep you feeling great. You will look so adorable while you are shopping for the nursery, or while you are out to brunch with your friends.

There are no buttons, straps, or ties, which can make getting dressed, quite the challenge. This Gap dress just slips on, which makes the process of getting ready for your day, so much simpler. The neutral colors look great combined with a variety of jewelry, and it will match any handbag. This maxi dress moves when you move, because it is constructed with a stretch material. While you are wearing this, there is no pressure on your beautiful belly. You can rest assured knowing that you will be able to sit and stand with ease. Another reason I adore this dress, is because the length falls right below the ankles. This maxi dress looks fabulous, when combined with any style of comfortable summer shoe. The classic design is very subtle, but yet still very stylish. It is super light-weight, and it has a great slimming style. This dress is so fitting for warmer summer days, because it is sleeveless, and it also has a scooped neckline. I love the fact that during the chillier days, it can be worn under a cozy sweater. This dress is so easy to take care of, because it is made to be durable. The dress will continue to look new, because the colors will not fade.

This long striped maternity dress by Gap is so affordable, and it is available through I am definitely giving this Gap dress five out of five stars, because of its great comfort and style.

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