Bond Over Colors

Bond Over Colors – Pefect for any Holiday!
I am always looking for fun and creative ways for my child, Sam to occupy his time. Sometimes momma needs a break from his craziness, and I was over the moon to receive this coloring book, “Bond Over Colors”! The first one I ever ordered was the Father’s Day Edition. I sat him down with some of his favorite colors and let him go through and fill out the book, with my supervision (and spelling ability) of course! He loved it! And he especially loved the fact he was doing something special for his father, who happens to be his world! Each page offers the opportunity for your child to draw a relatable picture to the text on the opposing page! There are roughly twenty-eight pages in each color booking, and they have it for a few different occasions! I got my Father’s Day Edition on Amazon, here. My husband was delighted to open up his Father’s Day present this past year, and my son was excited for him to open it up! He was certainly not expecting such creativity and fun wrapped up into a book delivered by his favorite little boy!

After my first successful purchase of the Father’s Day Edition, I decided to try again for this upcoming Christmas. And I was not disappointed. This time I decided to order on Walmart,¬†and I received the book with three days of ordering! This time I had my son fill it out, and theme it towards his Grandma who will be ninety-two next year (wow)! This one he had just as much fun as the previous one, with a little Christmas spirit thrown in! My mom is going to absolutely love this coloring book, I mean she would love anything my son makes, but this especially! She has a box full of drawings and artsy stuff my son has done over the years, and she loves to look back on it (and cry of course)!

Another one of my favorite features of this coloring book is the front cover. It gives an option of putting a picture of your child, or whatever picture you want in it to kind of personalize it! The coloring book itself is a good size for storing too, maybe something you could save for your son or daughter when they get older and in High School, it is a great keepsake! One last place to check out is C.R. Gibson, which I saw it on sale! Check it out here! I have only ordered from this site once or twice, but it is worth checking out because a sale is always a great thing!

I highly recommend this product and rate it five out of five stars!

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