Build with Magnets

Magtimes Magnetic Construction Toys Building Blocks Educational ToysMagtimes Magnetic Construction Toys Building Blocks is a highly constructive educational toy piece for toddlers, grown kids and adults. The availability of these stackable toys across various toy stores has opened up a world of new possibilities to kids age 3 and above. Kids can use the building blocks to construct interesting models of buildings, vehicles and other fancy objects. These activities can go a long way to sharpen the kid’s manipulative ability and enhance their creativity and problem solving capacity. A new package comes with a set of pieces of varying geometric shapes, including Rectangle, Wheels, Triangles, Square and Hexagons.

The educational essence in these toys is brought out by the colorful shapes designed to enhance a kid’s problem solving skills, symbolic thinking and bring out a sense of color. Mothers who want to get this exciting toy gift for their kids will also appreciate the safety measures incorporated in the design and structure such as the use of high quality ABS plastic and rounded geometry shapes that conforms to ASTM standards. The materials are also harmless to humans and the environment. Small kids can stick the shapes on a higher ground such as the refrigerator in a strategy designed to prevent falls and potential swallowing hazard.

The toy set can also be cleaned and stored safely. The shapes, magnetic numbers and letters can easily be stored in a single box or case, while the waterproof feature makes it easy to clean the toys. Magtimes Magnetic Construction Toys are also durable and fun to play with because they feature lots of interesting shapes such as car chassis and wheel shapes. A new package of Magtimes stackable toys can weigh anything from 1.6 lbs to 2 lbs. The product dimension generally depends on the number of pieces provided. Good news for parents, the Magtimes toy set can be purchased in a number of stores including; Amazon, Ebay and Target among others.

You can get this toy set on Amazon for about $24 to $30. A typical 66 piece features 12 triangles, 18 squares, 6 wheels, 2 hexagons, 26 letter cards and 1 idea booklet. The Magtimes toy set ranks as one of the best selling toys on Amazon online retailer, where it has received rave reviews. As a parent raising a baby, I thought it prudent to invest on one of this toy because of its fun and educational value. With the curiosity I am already seeing, I believe the toy will enhance my baby’s thought process as he grows older. Adults will also find the toy set highly appealing. I would rate Magtimes Magnetic Construction Toy at 4.7/5 because of a combination factors, including fun, product quality and affordability.

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