Bundle Up Baby

Acorn Easy Bootie SlippersBefore I became a mother, I rarely thought much about the kinds of products I would need to buy for my children. The thing is, that all changes the moment you become a mother – everything focuses on keeping your baby safe, calm, and comfortable. A big part of that is footwear.

Finding appropriate footwear for little ones can be hard; they grow so quickly that anything you buy will be too small in a month or two, but at the same time the materials that infant footwear comes in is not always the safest. If you’re like me and want as close to all-natural as you can get, I’d recommend taking a look at the ACORN Easy Bootie for infants and toddlers.

The ACORD Easy Bootie is made of a faux-suede sole and polyester fleece. While it’s not entirely all natural, it’s been endorsed by researches at Harvard Medical School, as well as the Children’s Hospital in Boston, which puts my mind at ease a bit. Since it’s polyester, you can rest assured that it’s very warm – there’s no risk of your little one having cold feet this winter!

The bottom of the bootie is made of a tough, no-slip material that grips to surfaces, making it safe for your toddler to wear while he or she learns to walk. There’s no risk of them slipping while wearing this. I’m willing to trade the all-natural consideration for the peace of mind of knowing my child isn’t going to fall while wearing these.

And all considerations about safety and comfort aside, this little bootie is simply adorable. Coming in a variety of color patterns with names like chocolate dots, neutral stripes, pink, leaping lizards, fat cat pink, stars, snow flakes, and kaboom white, the bootie has a color sure to match your infant’s style. It pulls on quickly and easily – but doesn’t come off so easily – making it a great choice for those infants who just don’t want to have anything on their feet.

This bootie is available on Amazon, Shoemall, and REI. Though the price can be a bit steep at times, sales are pretty common. If you’re patient, keep an eye out for when this bootie catches a discount.

Overall, I’d rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. The ACORN company has produced children’s clothing for a long time, and from this bootie, it’s clear they know what they’re doing.

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