Busy Board for a Fuzzy Kid

If you’re interested in getting your son or daughter into the mindset of learning new concepts at a young age, the GiftInTheBox Toddler Busy Board is exactly what you’re looking for. It’ll get your child thinking from a young age and it will also teach your child how to practice essential dressing skills. Buckling, using velcro and buttoning your shirt are life skills that all children need to learn and this board helps them learn it all at a young age. It includes 16 different buckles, ties and buttons, that are all wonderful ways for a child to practice everyday skills and learn.

One of the things I liked the most about this board is that not only does it help my child learn essential dressing skills, it also emulates real world challenges that help to develop their brain more in general. It was a great way to get my child thinking at such an early age. It’s designed to let out children believe that they are playing a game and having fun but it’s also helping them learn at the same time. It helps to promote hands-on learning and develop problem solving skills while also fine tuning motor skills for young children. I found that this board works better for toddlers because that’s the age group that doesn’t yet know how to dress themselves and finds it amusing like a game the most. It helps toddlers when they grown into young children to get dressed quicker and easier because they’ve been practicing for a while at that point.

Another great thing about this bag is how portable it is. It can be easily folded up and put into a diaper bag because it is so light. You can take it on the road with your or anywhere you go. It also turns into a lightweight, easy to carry bag that a toddler can easily take along with them wherever they go. I liked that it didn’t have any hard corners and was flexible so I didn’t have to worry about my child hurting themself while trying to carry it around. It’s designed to be carried for toddlers and to be safe.

The price point for this board is very good for the value it provides. On most online retailers it can be found around $20, plus the cost of shipping. I was able to snag mine from Amazon for $20 with free shipping as part of my order. It also can be found for similar pricing at The Tot Zone and Shop Baby Child. It’s best to shop it around and see what’s best for you before making the purchase.

Overall, I found this product to be useful and effective in teaching my children how to do the basics of getting dressed. I give it five stars out of five and highly recommend to anyone with children between six months and three years old.

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