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Sensory Boards for Toddlers: An Educational Experience
Busy Boards, Sensory Boards or Discovery Boards are a way for your toddler to discover new things. Babies and toddlers think it’s amazing. As a mother, you will like the fact that they are learning while they are playing. The Busy Board for Toddlers will introduce them to numbers and moving mechanical parts. Your toddler’s brain develops rapidly in the early part of life so introduction to a busy board is a great way to boost development.

The busy board is getting 9 activities in 1. There is an abacus which will help your toddler to count and they also love to move the balls across the rod to hear the wooden clink. There is a spinner filled with beads that makes noises as the tiny beads move and fall. There are latches that are automatic and manual. Add in lock and key, gear wheels and noisemaker there are many different activities to keep your toddler occupied.

Brain up Toys is the maker of this busy board and they are known for their large variety of creative, educational and skilled based toys. The busy board will engage your toddler helping them in creativity, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination and even fine motor skills.

The busy board is designed with safety in mind. The components are made from quality materials with no sharp edges and painted with non-toxic, water-based paint. The board itself is made of wood about 10” x 11” weighing about 3 pounds making this safety board a must when heading out to dinner or when you know there will be some waiting. The parts are securely fastened so pieces won’t be lost or left behind.

As a mother, I have noticed an increase in my toddler’s fine and gross motor skills since playing with the busy board. It is one of the go to toys for me to bring along as he does not seem to tire of the board easily. The different moving parts are easy for him to grab and grip. I am careful while he is using in case any of the parts become lose or break off but the quality so far as exceeded my expectations.

As a mother you want your child to learn and play and I have found the busy board to provide an unrealized educations experience for my child. He knows it is fun and there are noises and moving parts and I know that he picking up educational knowledge.

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Super Mama Shop

Brain Up Toys

Rated: 5 stars out of 5

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