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Since becoming a parent, you’ve probably noticed interesting phenomena taking place in your home. First, your laundry load has tripled and now you have piles and piles of laundry that consist of baby socks, baby body suits, and other little adorable outfits. Second, somehow everything you dress your baby in quickly becomes a canvas for little messes. As a busy mother, I’m always looking for eco-friendly and safe ways to make my parenting more efficient. This time, I found a solution to the above problem, and that is Carter’s 5-Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuits for my baby. For the parent that is constantly changing their baby’s outfit or that needs something comfortable and very convenient for their baby, then this is the perfect product for you.

Produced by Carter’s

Carter’s is one of those companies that has been producing quality baby clothes and other children’s products for years. What truly attracts me to this company is that their products are comfortable, safe, and visually creative. They truly put a lot of thought and detail into what they produce, making me happy to buy dozens of wonderful things for my baby, including their Short Sleeve Bodysuit that my baby and I have come to really adore.

Cotton is Always Best

These days, one of my biggest worries when buying products for my baby is that the product is not made with quality materials. I disdain items that can pose potential harm and that are made with synthetic materials that are unappealing. Luckily, the Carter’s Short Sleeve Bodysuit is made out of 100% ribbed cotton. Cotton products are known to be very breathable, comfortable, soft, and not prone to causing allergy. With this product, I don’t need to worry that my baby may be suffering from discomfort, overheating, or itchiness. The softness and gentle touch of this fabric is pure bliss. In addition, another problem that I encounter with baby clothing is that the tag can cause major discomfort for my child. This particular product has a tag-free label that does not cause scratching.

Diaper Changing Snaps

Another very important consideration that I take into account when purchasing baby clothes is the ease and quality of snaps that are provided for diaper changing. From my own research, I’ve come to realize that the best and safest products are those that are nickel-free. Nickel products have a tendency to be dangerous and harmful to babies. This product has nickel free snaps that function as a reinforcing panel through diaper changes. They are also very functional and easy to use.

Dressing Baby

For many parents, dressing a baby is a very careful and calculated process. You don’t want to make the mistake of trying to stretch clothing over your baby or somehow making them uncomfortable. Therefore, I have come to highly value products that are easy to dress my baby with. The bodysuit has expandable shoulders for easy over-head dressing. This means I can easy dress my baby without worrying about discomfort or difficulty.

Use and Washing

Lastly, the final reason that has made me truly love this product is that it is very versatile. I can let my baby roam around the house with it, use it as an under-outfit, or use it for very casual outings. It comes in a pack of five, so I always have a spare nearby. Meaning, if my baby somehow gets dirty, I can easily change them. In addition, this product is machine washable and stains are simple to remove.


I cannot say anything but good things about this product. It is extremely functional, comfortable, high-quality, safe for my baby, and a joy to use. My rating for this product is a 5 out of 5 stars. Below are just a few of the many outlets where you can purchase this product for your own bundle of joy.



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