Chase the Kitty

Any conscientious knows that a toy does not have a gender. Just as a handful of the largest couture houses have shown collections of men’s styles in an array of pink, we as a society have evolved past setting rigid gender lines for a plaything. This toy is fun and eye catching with flashing lights, but it also allows your child to model routines that will later become regular, like cleaning.

We all know that modeling is an important part of a child’s growth and personal development. Give them a fun toy that can help them learn to perform important tasks. This toy will not only help your child grow into an adult, but it will provide them with hours of entertainment. This is not a real vacuum, but the laughter and joy that it inspires will definitely be real.

What Functions Does This Toy Have?

This Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn product both moves freely, encouraging your infant to get mobile, and it also sings and chants to them about numbers and other important daily activities. Children learn and remember information best when it is arranged in a way that is easy for the brain to absorb. Songs and similar forms of communication have been proven to be especially effective.

This toy moves forward when you press the cat firmly on the head. It is recommended to let your child do this act, as it reinforces the essential concept of cause and effect. Your infant or toddler will learn that their actions have a reaction. If this reaction is positive, they are more likely to do the action.

Should You Be Concerned?

Though this Cat on a Vac toy is compact, it has no very small parts that can pose a choking hazard to your child. In fact, it is very safe for those who are teething, as they use guaranteed non-toxic paints and plastics to make their toys. It is smooth and resistant to even the strongest of little jaws.

Germs and bacteria are things which we are very vigilant about. Rest assured that this toy can be simply cleaned and disinfected with a damp cloth and antimicrobial wipes before or after each use. Keeping this toy clean is easy because of its smooth plastic and lack of small spaces that are difficult to get a rag into.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-After Cat on a Vac is completely safe for your child and can teach them some important lessons integral to proper development. Any child will be able to learn about cleanliness and it can be fun and engaging at the same time.You can find this model at Target, Walmart and Amazon to name a few retailers.

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