Count, Sort and Match the Easter Eggs

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set – The Ultimate Easter Gift
With Easter right around the corner, I have been on the lookout for a perfect gift for my kiddo, besides the usual sugary treats and typical junk. The requirements were simple – a quality educational toy that would last, and a toy that would keep the baby entertained for more than 20 seconds. The Kidzlne Color Matching Egg Set absolutely fits the bill! With it’s toddler-friendly design, this egg set is a wonderful gift for toddlers and young children.

Made out of thick, BPA-free,child-safe plastic, the Kidzlne Color Matching Egg Set is super durable. The set is comprised of 12 different colored eggs, with each egg splitting into 2 to reveal a different peg and hole combination, interior color and number. Recommended for ages 18 months and up, this toy is wonderful for both young toddlers, as well as preschool aged children. Little minds are challenged to pull apart and then put back together each egg. When play is finished, the eggs store neatly in an easy-to-clean yellow case (which is included!). The interior colors of each egg are vibrant and I am really impressed with the variety of color that are presented in the set. .

I love the convenience of the included case. Not only does it encourage little ones to put their toys away when they’re finished, but it also makes this set super easy to transport. This toy set works well in a pinch, when you’re looking for a quick solution to keep your little one entertained. Just throw the case and eggs in your diaper bag, and you’re all set to go. The eggs and case are easily cleaned with a damp rag or wipe, and hold up beautifully. For the price point, I really feel like this set is a tremendous value.

Kidzlne Color Matching Egg Set is perfect for little fingers and hands. The outside of each egg is smooth and just the right size for toddlers and preschoolers to handle. The eggs break apart easily, and help little ones with their color recognition, number recognition, hand dexterity, and fine motor skills. This set also encourages independent play, which, as any Mom or Dad will tell you, is super important!

For preschoolers, this set is the ultimate addition to any play kitchen. Little ones will love imitating adults, and “cooking” with their egg set and proudly showing off what they’ve created.

I absolutely adore this product. I would, hands down, rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

These adorable sets are available at Amazon, Walmart, and ToyzDepot:

1.) Amazon
2.) Walmart 
3.) ToyzDepot

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