Crawl Away

As your baby grows one of the most important milestones they’ll reach is crawling! Crawling is a fundamental step towards walking and it has also been proven to help the brain make important progress while also improving hand-eye coordination gross and fine motor skills, balance, and strength. While some babies struggle with learning to crawl, others may just lack motivation. Whatever your baby’s case may be, the Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-me Bee will certainly help encourage your baby to get on the move!

The Follow-me Bee starts off by grabbing your baby’s attention with bright lights, music, and movement. Featuring an adorable design with a bee on a cloud, it is a two-in-one toy that will have your baby giggling and moving in no time. The Follow-me Bee encourages gross and fine motor development, exploration, and helps develop sensory skills. With three different available stages this is a bee that will grow with your baby for many stages and milestones. The first stage is ideal for babies who aren’t ready to crawl yet. In this stage the removable bee vibrates and wobbles, acting as a rattle. In stage two, the bee attaches to the cloud and scoots around in close circles to help keep a new crawler engaged. Lastly, stage 3 is for advanced crawlers. In this stage the bee moves all over the room in random patterns to encourage baby to chase.

Like most baby toys, the Follow-me Bee features rubber details to soothe irritated gums and protect curious mouths. The rubber beads are removable if you prefer for your baby to not chew on this toy. Another neat feature of the Follow-me Bee is that when the bee is removed from the cloud, the cloud spins in circles which is sure to delight baby. Additional safety features include a sensor to help the toy (and your child) avoid running into obstacles.

My favorite part of the Follow-me Bee is its adorable design. I love that it is gender neutral so it will work for future siblings. The sweet buzz noise and cute music and lights are adorable. I also love that it is a multi-use toy which means that it won’t be outgrown quickly! This toy helped ease the struggle of tummy time before my baby could crawl and is still a favorite. The adjustable volume control makes sure that you won’t be searching for the off switch and also protects baby’s ears from loud sounds.

The Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-me Bee is available at the following retailers:
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I give this toy 5 out of 5 stars for its innovative, multi-use design, adorable theming, and interesting lights and music.

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