Cute Puzzle Time!

The Emitec Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles comes with four puzzles: a frog, a crab, a snail, and a duck. Each of the animal puzzle pieces fit into a wooden base that is 5.8in. x 5.8in. I love this puzzle because the animal puzzles are bright and colorful. They are made in such a way as to attract a child’s attention with their cartoonish figures, bright colors, and eyes that are overly large. These wooden puzzle pieces keep my little Jack entertained for hours as he tries to assemble the pieces into a cute animal. He might not correctly arrange the puzzle the first or even the second time but the bright colors, and the larger than average puzzle pieces that are easy to handle, keep him trying.

I do like the design of the puzzles and that the cute animals are bright and colorful enough to keep my Jack entertained but I love that the Emitec Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles were designed to help a child learn shapes, colors, and animals. This puzzle stimulates a child’s brains while they practice motor control skills. The wooden puzzle pieces and the puzzle base are made with quality wood and each piece has smooth edges that are easy for toddlers to hold and handle. The puzzle pieces are large enough that I don’t have to worry that Jack will swallow a piece and they feel great to the touch with their smooth edges that I don’t have to worry that Jack will hurt his hands.

The Emitec Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are cute and a great learning tool for a child. The puzzles are also safe for a child to use and won’t hurt them if they should put them in their mouth and get a good lick or two. The wood is environmentally safe, BPA free, and non-toxic water-based paint was used for the colors. I appreciate that these puzzles are safe for my child. He can’t swallow the pieces and he can’t get sick from handling the pieces or putting it in his mouth and licking because let’s be honest children love to stick things in their mouths.

The Emitec Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles have great qualities. They entertain a child and help them learn. As a parent, it’s a relief to know that the puzzles are safe for my child to use and they are a great deal for the price they are sold at as they come in a package with four cute animal puzzles included for the same price. I think that the Emitec Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are worth five out of five stars for all that they offer for a child. If you are interested in these fun, entertaining, and adorable puzzles, at the moment this puzzle is only available at Amazon.

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