Dino Love

I love Three Bees and Me dinosaur toys because they combine two of my son’s favorite things which are cars and dinosaurs. When we first got these fun toys, he was ecstatic. These toys are perfect for your preschooler (girl or boy!) and do not have any small pieces, so they are safe even for smaller children. Playing with dinosaurs is a great way to learn about science and inspires imaginative play. They are made of lead free materials and are also lead-free and BPA free. They are very durable so they will not break easily even with a lot of use or even rough play. They are very colorful too, so they are a great way to introduce colors to your little one.

These dinosaur cars actually move on your own. All you need to do is pull them back and then release to watch them fly by. My little guy likes to have them race each other all at once, and the best part is that they don’t require any batteries which is a huge plus in my book. They are also very portable. I like to throw one or two in my bag when we go shopping, and they are a quiet toy that you can also bring to quiet functions.

The heads on the little dinosaurs twist so that they can be repositioned and they are a good size for small hands to hold. The edges are also rounded so that they will not scratch or hurt to hold onto them or while playing. They are roughly six inches long, and they glide very easily and smoothly even on (low-pile) carpeted surfaces.

Imaginative lay is very important for little ones, and I am always looking for ways to incorporate learning moments in the day. These dinosaurs are a great way to spark a conversation about colors and about dinosaurs. They are also perfect to use with the toys that my son already has. He likes to build pens and cages out of Duplo blocks, and we have even made little remaps out of cardboard boxes for them to slide down and race.

These dinosaurs have friendly expressions, so they are not odd or scary. There’s a blue one, a red one, and a yellow and a green dinosaur. They are also easily recognizable as dinosaurs, and my son knows right away that they are dinosaurs. They are also available to buy on Amazon which makes it very easy and convenient to shop for them. You can order them right to your door and save a trip to the store. They are also available on the 3beesandme website and on Walmart. They are definitely a five-star product.

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