Dinosaurs Coming Through

Dinosaur Truck Carrier
A dinosaur set with a transporting truck to make it easy for your toddler to both move the dinosaurs around the house and be able to easily clean up after his or herself is a must have toy. The set consists of 12 dinosaurs, and a long 18-wheeler truck. There are two windows on the truck, one on each side with perfectly shaped hoisters for each Jurassic piece. Each dinosaur is unique, representing all the famous dinosaurs we see on tv, making it easy for your toddler to identify them. The only catch with the product is that as some of the famous dinosaurs have spiky outer skin, it comes as a possible accidental pain waiting to happen when it is stepped on. Out of 12 toy animals, there are 4 of them with such adaptive forms. For the kids, it might deter them from trying to bite the toys, but as a parent, innocently walking through toys scattered on the floor, this can be a big cuss word gurgitator. Besides the spiky dinosaurs, the truck makes it very easy to take the toys every and anywhere with your active toddler. As a parent, one of the most difficult tasks is finding the right toy for your little one to keep them busy at home and especially outside the home. Whether it is bring-your-kids-to-work day, a doctor’s appointment, or any important workshop where a babysitter might be difficult to find in a rush or at all, the dinosaur set will come to the rescue. Taking it along is a breeze, thanks to the portability of the truck as well as its tidiness.
This toy can be found on online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and AliExpress. The one variation that Walmart has compared to Amazon and AliExpress is that their set has 16 toys in there comprising of 6 animals, a helicopter, 3 cars, 2 trees, a bush and a fence. This set gives more to help with your toddler’s imagination. I personally like the creative variation it brings as a toy set. Amazon also takes it a bit further by offering a 24-toy set, which introduces a play mat as well as 10 dinosaur shape inking stampers to introduce more creative ways of playing with dinosaurs. You can purchase this in the following online shops:
Amazon and
Overall, I will give this toy set 4.5 stars out of 5 because it is a complete set to keep every toddler busy and creative.
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