Does Upsie Belly Measure Up?

Upsie Belly

Body strain and fatigue are no strangers for the mom-to-be. While some may see us as a hobbling, radiant, adorably dressed baby carrier on the outside, what is going on inside is miraculously exhausting. Bless their hearts, even the most supportive husband’s cannot truly appreciate what our bodies go through while forming, cell-by-cell, our child. Praise more than deservingly goes to the ingenuitive, understanding folks who study and invent products to help pregnant women everywhere ease their suffering. After all, providing more support to a pregnant body more adequately allows it to direct energy toward accomplishing its handiwork, which is magnificently creating a child.

In the quest for employing products that ease the strain on mommy’s body, I found one product that should be on every mother to-be’s wish list. The “Upsie Belly” Belly Bandit Pregnancy Support Band and Wrap is designed to offer maximum support to the abdominal area, which is the area of the body supporting the addition of baby’s weight. Aside of relieving the body of the discomforts that pregnancy can cause, this product also alleges that it can minimize stretch marks. Supporting the back and legs is critical during pregnancy. Aside of fatigue, one must consider circulation and blood flow and the importance of both when supporting the lives of two human beings-this is serious stuff! The Upsie Belly’s outer material is made of 95% Viscose from Bamboo, 5% Spandex, and the core is made of 75% Polyester 25% Spandex. This makes for a smooth soft, flexible feel, with the strength and firmness to adequately support your body and that of your bundle of joy. And if all that wasn’t enough, how would it feel to experience less sciatic pain, and better yet, lifting the pressure off your bladder, relieving you of the discomfort and constant need to run to the bathroom.

The reviews for this product are impressive, with a high overall quality and comfort rating. It is reported to be very soft and comfortable whether sitting or active. It seems to be regarded as priceless with regard to relieving stress and pain. Overall it boasts a 4.3 star rating out of 5 stars on Amazons rating system. Most reviewers said that they wished they had purchased it sooner that what they did. Some women reportedly tried to use similar less expensive products with negative results, only to end up spending the money to buy Upsie Belly in the long run. I guess with regard to Upsie Belly’s price, the old saying “you get what you pay for” holds quite true. While no product that exists on the market is going to be “one opinion fits all’, this one is a five star in my book, because overall, even the cons I read regarding the product were tolerable to most women when weighing the other options.

In short, the Upsie Belly is well worth its weight in gold and can be found at the following retailers:, Buy Buy Baby, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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