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Crayola Light up Tracing Pad Art ToolWith all of the awesome technology we have out there today, it is cool to see how companies can put their minds to work and use that creative technology to create things for more than just watching a movie. And the great thing is, kids toys are just going to keep on getting cooler! So when it comes to making your next toy purchase, mothers should consider purchasing something that work their child’s brain a little bit. With Crayola being the top creative children’s toy seller out there, their new Crayola Art Light-Up Tracing Pad is definitely something you will want to put on your wish list.

What’s So Great About It?
With the tracing pad, you can let your child submerge them self in imagination and a world of art. The pad comes with over thirty five different pieces with a wide variety of sports and music themed tracing sheets. But there are also over a hundred other sheets online that are available for download.
How does it work exactly? You simply place a tracing sheet into the nonslip frame on the drawing pad. Then you cover it with a blank sheet of white paper, and the pad lights up behind the tracing sheet to illuminate the shape your child wants to trace. Once the kids get the hang of the pad, they can trace more than one paper at a time to make up their own, little creative scene.
The lighting works not only in dark rooms, but outside in the sun as well. The LED lights that come on the pad are evenly lit on the surface, which mean that even in that bright sun-room in your house, your child will still be able to see and trace perfectly. The tracing pad does run on three double A batteries (which sadly, are not included).

Age Recommendation
Crayola rates this tracing pad for kids that are six years old or more.

What Is Included When I Buy This?
When you purchase this sweet toy, it comes with one Light-Up Tracing pad, one graphite pencil, twelve different colored pencils, ten blank sheets, as well as ten tracing sheets.

Is It Worth the Purchase?
If you want your kid to show their creative side, but are looking at getting them more than a sketchbook or a coloring book, then I would definitely say that yes, this is worth the purchase! It is fairly cheap for all that comes with it, and is the number one seller in Drawing Tablet Toys on Amazon.
I would give this toy 4.5 stars out of 5. The only thing that could be improved is that it comes with batteries and more tracing sheets. But like stated earlier, you can download more tracing sheets. But this tracing pad is totally worth the purchase!
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