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My Spin & Learning Steering Wheel Review
When you describe a recommended toy to a friend, durable isn’t necessarily what you think you will get to mention regarding a toy for a 6 months to 3 year old. My Spin & Learning Steering Wheel has many qualities for young children and durable is one of them! Other qualities include safe and perfect for development; definitely a great toy that all families will enjoy for their young child.
The durability of this product is very important for this age group because you can bet that kids will drop the steering wheel at one time or another and possibly even throw the toy in a fun manner. Most of the time, you won’t give your child a toy if you know it won’t be able to withstand the wrath of your infant or toddler during play time.
It is very likely that if a toy is durable that there is the alignment of it being safer than if a toy is to break easily. This 3 in one steering wheel has met the standards of quality and safety and has been tested to evaluate the global toy safety standards. When you give this toy as a gift you will feel safe to know that if the child puts the toy in their mouth, that the product is free of BPA, phthalates and PVC.
The educational Interactive Spin Steering wheel is perfect for development because it helps your little one “Explore their curiosity” with fun colors, songs and it spins! There are three modes that can engage your child by displaying colors in LED lights, teach shapes and introduce feelings with the shapes that include surprise, sadness and joy. The steering wheel is activated by spinning the wheel or by pressing the buttons. Your little one will love reacting to all the toy has to offer and will learn in the process.
The best part about a toy is that it teaches kids to learn, but that it is also fun enough to keep them busy for a long period of time. There is a slip-proof pad on the bottom of the steering wheel that helps the toy spin around over and over. It is very likely your little one will enjoy making their wheel spin as fast as they can. The wheel also has rings that can slide up and down in different colors and little beads that can be fun to watch. I give the My Spin & Learning Steering Wheel a 5 star rating. I really love the durability and interaction of this toy. Please find yours below at these retailers.
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