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Farm Surprise – Learning Resources Peekaboo Learning Farm Review
I am a huge fan of the Learning Resources Peekaboo Learning Farm and so is my little one. The set is designed for children between eighteen months and four years of age, which is perfect for my now almost two year old. It is durable, cute, and holds the interest of my 20-month-old child. It has been a great instrument used to introduce colors and numbers, teaching her about matching and learning to identify the five cute animal puppets, a cow, pig, chicken lamb, and horse. My daughter is excited by these little creatures, even more so when I begin imitating their noises, a favorite past time for every parent. I am more impressed that with a bit of repetition, she was able to recognize these animals and label them by name and by their sound.

I feel that this is a great toy that has the ability to grow with a child, and I can understand children younger than my would daughter enjoy this toy as well. Opening and closing the two-piece barns to reveal the puppets inside is something that my daughter has quickly improved upon which is encouraging her to develop hand-eye coordination as well as learning to build finer motor skills. The puppets themselves are made of a hard plastic, which is super easy to clean or disinfect quickly and is something that is durable and unlikely to suffer from the wear and tear of a child in their “terrible twos” and also adhere to non-toxic safety protocols. All of the Learning Resources products in fact are non-toxic, phthalate-compliant, lead-compliant, BPA compliant, proposition 65 compliant, no mercury and comply with U. S. safety laws. This information is easily accessible on their website at this link ( This is hugely relieving for parents with younger children who explore everything with their mouths initially.

There are a few different online retailers where you would be able to find this item. I purchased the Peekaboo Learning Farm from Amazon.

However I have seen this particular toy set available on several other retail sites including Learning Resources’ own site. I was also able to locate this item online and in a retail location of Buy Buy Baby before ultimately choosing to purchase on Amazon.

I would rate this product with four out of five stars. I think this product is great for a younger child as toddlers are more likely to be stimulated by the bright colors, cute animals, and the curiosity of what may be inside of each of the barns. This is a great toy to give or receive and helps engage children in the early stages of learning.

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