Finger Pets

When I first came across the Fingerling Finger Pet I really was drawn to the idea of having a cute little toy to play with my newborn baby. As soon as I started playing with the toy just to get an understanding of its many functions I was in love with it. Due to the fingerling monkey’s interactive nature, not only did it become a toy that my newborn loves but my older children insisted on me getting them one too.

The Fingerling Pet grabs onto finger, pencils, and pretty much any small cylinder like object, easily making it an age transcending. The fingerling pet reacts to sounds, movements, and touch. When you kiss the Fingerling Pets they respond with a cute head shake and send kisses right back which my daughter just went crazy over. They also respond to noise and movements with monkey babble and blinking eyes that is almost surreal. I mean we expected responses from an interactive toy but it becomes very easy to forget these little creatures aren’t actually alive.

As if that wasn’t enough to fall in love with these Fingerling Pets served as precursors to my decisions to get my children real pets. The pets actually close their eyes and go to sleep if you pet them softly or rock them in your hands. This showed me exactly how caring my children would be when dealing with something they needed love and care. They were so delicate and nurturing to their little pets. Connor would make it an absolute must that everyone in his room remained quiet while his fingerling was sleeping so we did not disturb it…it was the cutest thing ever considering he’s generally a pretty “in the rough” kind of kid. Based on all of the kids care in handling their fingerlings me and my husband came to the decision and got the kids a puppy on Christmas day. Let me tell you, they have never put more care into anything (not even their own toys).

I can’t stress enough how great of a toy the Finger Pet is. They were great additions to my family leading into a real pet. They make amazing toys for newborns up to age 6 (my oldest). Beyond being used as toys they make for really cool office accessories for pens and pencils.

Our Fingerling Pet rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find these adorable Finger Pets at these major retailers Walmart, Target, and Kohls. Just click the link. They require 4 lithium batteries that are included within the pets but I would recommend purchasing extras due to the constant use and interactions children have with the pets.

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