Flower Power

Does your toddler love playing in the garden, but you dislike the dirt? CENOVE’s Flower Garden Building Toy Educational Activity delivers the best of both of these worlds. This artificial garden stimulation toy is meant to stimulate your toddler’s mind while giving them the enjoyment of playing in a garden that they are desiring. My daughter loves playing in her artificial flower garden. And as her parent, I love the fact that it’s stimulating her mind and teaching her how to manage a garden at the same time.

One of the biggest things I enjoyed about letting my daughter play with this toy is that it’s actually used for STEM development. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you would like to gauge to see how well your child has an aptitude for STEM, this toy might be the perfect one for you to do it with. At the same time, your child doesn’t know that they are being exposed to STEM learning. They just think they’re playing in their very own garden. It’s BPA free so you don’t need to worry about bispheno, a harmful chemical, in any of the pieces. It’s also a 130 piece kit so it’s complex for a child’s toy. I feel as though the low price range will appeal to many parents who don’t want to spend a ton of money on actually buying gardening equipment and teaching their children how to garden outside in the dirt. With this toy, you can keep your toddler clean and indoors while also teaching them about managing their own garden and letting them learn about STEM.

The customers who bought this product left great reviews for it on websites like Amazon. Many parents enjoy the carrying case that it comes with because it makes it easy for their child to pick it up, pack it up and take it to another location without losing anything. Many reviews also recommend buying this product if you have a daughter or toddler who is a girl because it appeals much more to girls than it does to boys. I have to agree with this. It might be because the entire garden has flowers in it, but I could see why a young boy might want to play with cars instead of flowers.

I think that for the price point and the convenience of not having to take your kid out into the dirt to teach them about flowers, this toy is perfect for what it does. I give it four stars out of five, only because I feel like it’s really geared toward girls instead of boys and girls. Maybe if the garden had vegetables or fruit instead of just flowers, more boys would like to play with it. You can find this product at Amazon, Walmart, and BigaMart.

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