Fly Away, Fly Away

Here’s a toy that will get your baby moving.

It’s the Homofy Baby Toy Electronic Airplane.

This battery operated baby toy airplane rolls on its own on any hard or semi-hard surface whether it’s wood, parquet, vinyl or carpet. It’ll certainly get your baby curious. Just the kind of sensorial experience you’ll want your baby to have right at the very first year of life.

And as this toy airplane is turned on, you have a choice of the gentle airplane engine sound, the relaxing popular baby tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Jack and Jill. Or you may opt for just plain silent mode for whatever your baby needs at that moment.

The Homofy baby toy airplane matches its sounds with its colorful lights. Different parts of the toy airplane light up in different colors. The oval-shaped three-button top lights up in orange, red and aqua green. The tail fin lights up. And both wing engines light up. They all blink and brightly light up with the rhythm of the tunes. It’s the kind of visual experience that makes your baby smile.

This three-button oval-shaped feature also has another function. They sound off the first three letters of the alphabet and the first three numbers of our numerals. It’s another introductory educational component designed in this intriguing and fun toy.

Homofy Baby Toy Electronic Airplane has another attractive feature in its mobility. It reacts and comes back to your baby whenever it bumps on to an object on the floor. They call it the Bump and Go feature. It allows the toy airplane to move on its own with gentle stops, turns and reverses. It’s almost like your baby has another play companion in the room.

When you have this delivered to you, it comes in a box, showing actual airplane toy through its cut away. It comes with the dimension of 9 X 8.3 X 6 inches at just slightly over a pound.

Based on Amazon’s Best Seller Ranking, this toy is sought after, garnering a 4.5 star out of a 5-star rating. From the reviews, you get the idea that parents appreciate the combined feature of this baby toy from its pleasant lights and sounds to its sturdy feel. It’s ultimately the draw this compels the babies that actually gets them looking, reaching, walking and sounding. One-year-old plays with it. Two to four-year-old enjoy it. Parents love it.

Amazon is by no means the only online source you can buy this. eBay sells this at $22.79 and Bonanza at $46.65. Amazon currently sells this at 23.79. All are open to free shipping with the expected delivery date between two to five business days, depending on your membership status with these sellers.

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