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Natural Products that are safe for babies /children.
My nieces love to watch as I put on my makeup when I get ready to go out. They would love to get into my makeup every chance they get. This Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls set is perfect for anyone who has little ones who love to play with your makeup. If you purchase it for a 5 or 6-year-old, they would absolutely fall in love with the set. I love this product because it looks so realistic and It does not look like hard plastic. It looks well-made and good enough to endure plenty of use. Since everything is fake except for the brushes, it seems like the little ones can pretend to put the makeup on with no worry of reaction to the product.

The Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls set comes with 11 pieces for hours of fun. The set comes with a cute makeup/cosmetic bag to put all the pieces into. There are three brushes to apply the makeup that have soft looking bristles. It includes a compact mirror with the fake powder foundation/base. There is also a cute little compact with pretend eyeshadows.
Your little one can even apply blush with a blush compact. Then there is a lipstick that has a cap that pulls off just like real lipstick. There is a lip gloss that screws off also like a real one with an applicator brush inside to put on the make-believe gloss. They even included nail polish that also screws off with a brush applicator attached, to pretend to paint finger nails. There is the cutesiest little glitter container with fake glitter. My favorite part about this set is how realistic everything looks but still very fake so there is no mess to clean up.

There is no fluid or chemical components, all the items are made from rubber plastic or foam. The cosmetic bag is made with PU leather, which is an artificial material. It is synthetic material that gives the bag a very real look. The set of three makeup brushes are made of animal hair bristles for a soft feel on the skin.

This set has been approved as safe for children by ASTM International and CPSIA. The ASTM also previously know as American Society for Testing and Materials. The CPSIA, is a Consumer Safety, Standards specially for kids.

The Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls set is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $23.99 and Walmart also has it on sale for $23.99. Dependable Store online also has this product on sale for $23.99. I give this product five stars for being fake which means no mess to clean up and no unsafe chemicals to harm your child. Also, because it would provide hours of make-believe fun with something your little one is probably always trying to play with, now she has her own.

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