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Toys Kids Fireman Review
I noticed that children are always clinging on the windows whenever they hear the siren. Therefore, the best gift you can give them is a fire truck. You will help improve their physic as well as spatial awareness. There is a large selection of such toys in the market, and I will help you choose a few.

Fun Little toys 23 PCS toys kids Fireman set

Your brave little firefighter will have everything they need in the fun little toys 23 PCS set. It’s durable and safe from the electric drill, bull horn, walkie talkie, telescope, drill bits, and fire extinguisher. It allows your toddler to have the perfect image of the role they would like to practice.

I noticed that the walkie talkie and bull horn have AA batteries to make alarm sounds. The electric drill has realistic drill motions, and the flashlight’s shine is also powerful. It’s unisex and
kids aged from three years will enjoy every bit.

Rating: 4.2

Daron FDNY Vehicle Gift set, 5-Piece

If you want a vast playing selection, the Daron FDNY gift set is a good option. It comes with five vehicles, including a van, fire truck, two rescue vehicles, and a smaller car. The variety allows you to educate your toddler on the various scenarios fireman work.

All toys are immobile and made of cast metal for durability. The smaller size allows your child to have a better grip to enjoy playing. Your child will fall in love with the beautiful design of the vehicles and packaging.

Rating: 5

Big-daddy fire Rescue toy playset

The big-daddy set comprises of almost every vehicle in an average fire brigade. Your child will have a realistic feel since some have ladders, cables, and retractors. I like the durability and versatility in them that ensures that your toddler has long-lasting play.

You can also use it as an educational tool to teach kids fire safety and how the fire fighting job is complicated for the firemen. The complexity of the set favors kids aged three years and above.

Rating: 3

JOYIN Toy Kids Fireman fire Fighter Costume Pretend play Dress-Up toy set
Does your kid like to dress up and mimic the firemen? JOYIN costume set allows toddlers to play different roles as they put on firefighters’ uniforms. You will get a helmet, bull horn, backpack water blaster, jacket, walkie talkie, whistle, pry bar, badge, extinguisher, and an ax.

The water blaster shoots real water as other equipment functions like real objects to make the kids feel excited. I enjoy watching as my child plays the role of a firer chief without any worries since all items are safe. It’s suitable for 3 to 6-year kids.

Rating: 4.4


Fireman toys are timeless, no matter the generation. You can choose from the above, and you can be sure your child will be delighted.

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