For the Little Athlete

VTech brings your little one a new and exciting way to play. Their Smart Shots Sports Center is an electronic toy that gives them two types of play. It has both a basketball hoop for play shooting as well as a soccer goal net. The scoreboard is delightfully animated which just adds to the fun. It is also educational since each basket your child makes will be tallied for them on the scoreboard making it a fun way to introduce numbers and counting. With more than fifty sounds and songs, this toy will keep them interested for a good period of time. There are also smaller play objects on the goal posts such as gears to turn and buttons to push. These are great for fine tuning their budding motor skills.

When I brought the Smart Shots Sports Center home I was happy to find out that it was very easy to assemble (only needing to insert 6 screws total) which is a plus for me being a busy mom with not much added time for extensive build sessions. You will need a couple of AA batteries for operation that are not included so be sure to pick up a pack on your way out of the store.

This toy is age rated for children between one and three years old. Personally I think three may be too old since the item is shorter but in the end, I guess it would be a preference thing. An added bonus to the Smart Shots Sports Center is the volume can be adjusted. Not that it was really loud or annoying like some other toys I’ve been privy to buying, but the option was nice to have. You can also switch the button settings between shapes, music, or coaching giving you different learning options to implement. Another reason I would stick to the younger end of the spectrum as far as age range goes is because this toy is full of activities to help your little one develop important skills such as fine and gross motor development, language, shapes, letters, and numbers. I feel it is so important to try to get your child exposed to these things at an early age. However, I think even older siblings will enjoy playing along with their younger brothers or sisters because this toy just exudes fun.

Another important feature you will find with the Smart Shots Sports Center is that it is built nice and durable. I fully expect my child to drag it all over to play and I believe this toy will take it without any issues. There are recesses in the feet for setting and storing the balls, and the bright colors and graphics add plenty of interest. Overall, I would have to rate this as a five-star product for its interactivity and high stimulation.


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