For The Little Helpers

Like all of Fisher Prices toys, The Little People Big Helpers Home is interactive, educational and safe. My children are greatly entertained by the realistic sounds, phrases, and songs. And of course, all the little people!

The set has several positive aspects which I’d like to go over first before launching into the negatives. Keep in mind that I absolutely adored this! There are just some noteworthy drawbacks that all mothers should consider.

I mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again because it’s delightful but the set is wonderfully interactive, a good aspect if you have younger kids (ages 2-4) who you want to familiarize with the world. The songs introduce important concepts such as teamwork and friendship. My toddlers love it! The 360 view allows for endless possibilities for playtime.

Another good thing is that the set is colourful and gorgeous. Honestly, I wish I had a kitchen like that. The bright colours and whimsical design will hold the attention of younger and older kids alike.

Furthermore, the set encourages creativity and imagination in older kids. I have a 7 year old who has spun endless stories with the lil figures and the dogs. They have names, backstories, and jobs. It’s adorable.

Now, onto cons. One being that the set is messy and difficult to clean up. It has many little pieces that often get lost or wedged into corners. Having guests over is a nightmare because there are little people all over the floor, the dog is somehow stuck in the drain and the house keeps making noise. It’s a lovely toy but overall, it’s a large, loud, bulky and messy toy.

The second negative that I’ve found is that it is a choking hazard for pets. My kids will leave the pieces scattered around no matter how many times I tell them to clean up and at least once a day I’ll find myself fishing one of the figures out of my dog’s mouth.

Another thing to consider is that despite being expensive, the set is breakable. The little people have been glued back so many times that I can’t help but hope they have health insurance. The flimsy plastic is only going to be a problem if you have kids who enjoy roughhousing, like mine do.

Overall, I adore the set and I have very few regrets having bought it. It’s charming and definitely well used. Both my kids and I love it!

If you’re as sold on the toy as I am, here are some links to where you can purchase it!
At Amazon,Walmart, and the Fisher-Price website itself.

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