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3 Sprouts Elephant Toy Chest

I never thought I’d have a preference for toy chests until we went through 3 different ones in a matter of months. One had a terribly heavy wooden lid that gave me nightmares of my child slamming her finger in it. Another fell apart after 2 months and the 3rd was the 3 Sprouts toy chest. This beautiful canvas toy box is one of our favorite playroom features. We have found it to be an adorable organizational product for our space. Our daughters both love elephants and this has been a hit with them for years. The elephant is quite cute and he’s well stitched. After years of use, he’s still nicely sewn on with no frays or peeling. And believe me, my children have tried to get that elephant off more times than I can count! Needless to say, this toy chest is quite sturdy and has survived years of children climbing all over it; but, it does tend to get misshapen if you continually store bulky items inside. Try not to overfill it if you want it to last a long time. Since it’s made of durable canvas, it can squeeze into small areas and it’s quite easy to clean. Considering our playroom often has children with drinks running around, this chest has had its share of spills and messes. I’ve never needed to scrub very hard to get the stains out and that’s something that’s of importance to all moms that are short on time. Another time saver was that this toy chest requires no assembly. You just pop it open and insert the base and you’re all set to fill it with toys! There are handles on the side of the chest, as well, which makes it easy should you want to move it. It does hold quite a few toys, so make sure to empty the toy box before moving it to reduce injuries.

Although when purchasing this chest, I loved the idea that it had a sewn on lid, we’ve found it rather useless. It doesn’t quite fit when the toy chest is full, so we just leave it open all of the time. It would have been better if there was a locking lid, or a string that could be used to tie the lid down when full. However, this minor detail doesn’t detract from the beautiful toy chest!

Overall, for the price, this toy chest is quite the bargain. It’s well built, whimsical and a great deal. My daughters have gleaned years of fun from digging toys out of this chest and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.
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