Grasp, Shake and Rattle

This Multi Color Baby Teething Rattle toy is a great purchase. It is safe for infants beginning at 3 months. Between 8-10 months your baby will start to use a radial digital grasp. This is when your baby bends or flexes its fingers to bring the rattle into their hand and then bring the rattle closer to the baby’s body. This rattle is a great size for your baby to use its middle finger and thumb to do the grasping. From my experience, the baby will use it to develop skills starting around 3 months of age and still be interested in and learning from the Hand bell rattle at around a year old. This multicolored rattle is a “grow with your baby” toy.

During that first year, your baby’s developmental changes take place so quickly. Age and developmentally appropriate sensory toys come and go very quickly. I have found this teething rattle is a “grow with your baby” toy. At a younger age, the colors are very appealing to your baby. Then it seems like days but it is a few weeks and while the colors are still good, the sound and the grasp become more important. Then, somewhere in there teething time comes. This teething rattle is made of super smooth and durable plastic, it really can help those little, sharp teeth to poke through. Even at 14 months of age, some pretoddlers still pick it up and shake the rattle for the sound every now and then.

These Hand Bell Rattles are perfect size to fit in the diaper bag, even if you have a popular smaller backpack type diaper bag. They work great to give to your baby while in the car seat. Put a mirror up and give the baby a rattle, for a better car ride. While in the store, if you don’t want your baby trying its grasp out on things in and around the shopping cart, fill your baby’s little hand with the hand bell rattle. The color, the noise, it’s a great distraction to keep your baby busy, while you are busy.

While your baby is teething the rattle will give your baby something to chew on. The plastic is very sturdy and smooth. It is not rough or jagged anywhere at all. It works great for your baby to use to rub the gums and help that tooth break the skin.

This Multicolor Handbell Teether Rattle is really a must have toy. You can buy this Hand bell Teether Rattle at one of the 3 links below. Just click on the link below to order one for your baby.

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