Hanging Out with Soft Animals

A crib mobile is usually one of the first toys that your baby will encounter as they began to explore the world around them. Crib mobiles stimulate visual development as the baby tracks the movement in front of them. It also helps to develop gross motor skills as the baby reaches and grabs the moving object. My favorite is the HAHA Soft Hanging Plush Animal Wind Chime mobile.

The wind chime is designed for ages newborn through 12 months old. The reason why I like it is that is each of the adorable plush toys has a gentle wind chime that will sound when it is shaken. They also have crinkle ears and wings. This stimulates baby and also helps them learn cause and effect.

These charming little chimes come in owl, elephant, monkey, and dog shapes. They are bright, stimulating colors, and each one comes with a soothing teether attached. As a mother, my first concern is safety. I like these because they are sturdy and well-constructed. They have a C-clip that allows them to be clipped to almost anything, at home or on the go.

As a mother, I know that you understand the importance of providing your baby plenty of stimulating activities. I also know that safety is the most important thing on your mind. These are the two factors that have me sold on this mobile set. These mobiles can be hand washed in warm water and allowed to dry naturally.

I also like them because they give you plenty of opportunity for interaction with your baby. You can name the different animals, the colors, and enjoy your baby’s reaction as they discover the different sounds that they make as they interact with them. In my opinion, this mobile set does more than others I have seen when it comes to providing stimulating activities that enhance development and provide mothers confidence in their safety.

This mobile can be hung from the side of the crib, from the stroller, used in a baby carrier, or in a car seat. The durable plastic ring is easy to attach but is also strong and is not easy for baby to remove or break. These toys are made tough. These are great mobiles for your baby and they would make a great gift for someone who is expecting.

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