Hello Kitty Baby

Old Navy Hello Kitty Shamrock Tees For BabyMy toddler LOVES Hello Kitty, to the extent we have to buy everything we see with Hello Kitty on it right away. I love Old Navy because they offer cheap clothing that I don’t feel bad about donating in a month or two when it’s outgrown. When we saw this Hello Kitty shirt  while shopping around St. Patrick’s Day, we just had to have it.
My daughter typically wears a 3T or 4T, depending on the length as she’s pretty tall. The 3T seemed true to size, but we ended up going with the 4T and tucking the ends into a skirt. The jersey knit material hung well and seemed really soft. The shirt also came without a tag so I didn’t have to worry about her trying to tear it out and ripping a hole in the shirt.

Like most of Old Navy’s stuff, this particular tee is machine washable (thank God) and the design held up really well through a wash and dry cycle. The fabric did shirk a bit when I dried it, so it fit much better. The shirt also didn’t wrinkle so I didn’t have to worry about ironing. She wore the shirt almost every day the week of St. Patrick’s Day. We played outside and ran tons of errands and the material held up decently; there were small signs of wear and tear but at this point I know to expect that.

After the holiday passed, this became a favorite night shirt since the material became softer with age. My daughter became really attached to the shirt—I think it reminds her of a baby blanket she used to carry. Unfortunately, our dog ended up in the pajama drawer and ended up chewing the Hello Kitty favorite. Luckily, I was able to replace it with the help of Amazon and was happy to get the same, soft tee delivered even after St. Patrick’s was long gone. I also found the design for the same price on ShopStyle, which is a go-to for us they offer dozens of Hello Kitty tops and accessories.

It’s been nearly two months since our original purchase, and the Hello Kitty Shamrock Tee is still going strong! I would rate it 4/5 stars because the fabric does tend to pill and develop tiny holes (but that may just be because it’s hard to get my daughter to take it off). The comfy, true to size tee is easy to order online, and it absolutely adorable for St. Paddy’s or to wear around the house.

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