Ice Cream Anyone?

There is one truth associated with raising children. Virtually all children love ice cream. They love eating it, of course, but also love to play with it in whichever way they can. Leapfrog with their Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart has provided a great play toy for children to show their love for ice cream with in creative play.

One of the best aspects associated with this toy is that it keeps children active as they push around their ice cream cart distributing ice cream to the parents, siblings, and friends. While pushing a cart around may not be extensive exercise, it does keeps the children active and engaged and provides many hours of entertainment as children make believe they are ice cream sellers blending together unique flavors.

Scoop and learn also provides children with an introduction to colors which they associate with different flavors and the ability to use simple tools like an attached ice cream scoop. The music and sound bites on the Scoop and Learn and are not that irritating for a parent to hear repeatedly, and some of the songs are catchy but not tedious to hear. Still a volume toggle would have made the toy more tolerable for parents.

Better yet, the scoop and learn contains two compartments, one on each side of the toy which allow children to store the various components of the scoop and learn. With these tools you can keep their play area neat and reduce the chance for lost parts, as many of those ice cream pieces are easy to lose. The scoops themselves are happily affixed to the ice cream cart. The Ice Cream cart is sturdy and not easy to tip over.

While the Leapfrog scoop and learn ice cream cart is not the perfect toy for all children to play with it, it does provide small children with an an imaginative toy that bigger children can enjoy as well. The learning portion of the Scoop and learn is light, but it is a fun toy.

I really like the ability to push around the ice cream cart and how it keep our kids active when using it. However, some additional variations on the music and noises in the scoop and learn with heads of the repetitive play value of the toy. Overall, Leapfrog was a big hit with the smaller kids and led to some funny interactions between our younger and older children who invented funny flavors to sell each other.

Pick up the Scoop and Learn at Amazon, Target, or Bed, Bath and Beyond for a fairly reasonable price. Remember this toy comes without the sugar rush that regular ice cream contains in spades and this toy is a great make believe set.

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