Ice Cream on the Beach

Beach Fun For Everyone!
This is absolutely the most awesome product for the kiddos on and off of the beach. For hours and hours of fun in the sun that promote imagination and creativity for the little ones, I strongly recommend this product. I first discovered these products while searching for toys for my kids to play with on our first trip to the beach. Both my 5-year-old daughter and my 3-year-old son enjoyed scooping their sandy plops of ice cream into the bucket as we sat in the sand. My son was fascinated with the vibrant colors of the cupcakes and ice cream cones while my daughter pretended to be his server. However, I did have to stop him from actually trying to lick the sandy dessert! Recently we have been unable to go to the beach because of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus, but that has not stopped my children from enjoying their sweet beach toys. Instead of using sand, my daughter uses her Playdoh to continue serving everyone colorful ice cream around the house. My son also uses some of the ice cream cones and cupcakes while he plays with the bubbles during bath time! All of the toys are easy to clean. A simple toss into the dishwasher gets rid of any stains or residue left behind from all of my kids’ playtime. The toys are also very durable, which is great because both of my children drop them all around the house. Although they love playing with their beach set, I always aware of whenever they are using them. It is fun to watch them laugh and giggle at their imaginary desserts, but at any moment they could be tempted to try and give it a little taste. I make sure that they never put the toys in their mouths, especially my 3-year-old because he could easily choke on one of them and I would never want that to happen. Once my kids are finally done playing with their beach set, which seems like hardly ever, I can easily store them away in their toy box until they are ready to use them again. A couple of the pieces have gotten lost before. I have found a few of them under some of our furniture, but they never create a mess around the house. And that is only because they use them so often! Overall, I rate this set 5 out of 5 stars! If interested in purchasing a set for your family, I’ve attached some links that you can use!


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