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Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy Is a Fantastic Sensory Experience for Younger Children
I’ve been quite impressed by Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy. To begin, I was initially delighted by its appearance. The soft fish toy has eye catching colors, big happy eyes and a friendly smile. Basically, I recognized something that my son would love the second I laid my eyes on it.

I was quickly proven correct. My six month old instantly started alternating between hugging it like his best friend and throwing it around like it was swimming through the air. There’s really a lot for kids to love about the toy.

I think that one of the biggest points is the visual design. Any parent can attest to the fact that kids don’t just provide us with smiles, they look for them in others as well. And the fish’s face provides the perfect happy expression to make babies get a big grin on their own. Mine loves to just lose himself in it sometimes. Which leads to another strong element of the fish’s visual design.

The fish has a bright and colorful design. Some people might prefer a little more realism in toy animals. But I personally think that there’s a time and a place for that. Babies and young children relate to the world through color and emotion. When they see the friendly face and bright colors on the fish they’ll be able to relate to it better. They’re learning how to think about the world. But they’re born knowing how to feel. And feeling, in many different ways, is the language of the Interactive Fishy. Or at least that’s how children begin to relate to it.

At first the fish just looks like a fun colorful toy. But a child can essentially grow with it. At first they’ll notice the happy face and bright colors. But over time they’ll notice the designs in the little tabs. And they’ll even get an early introduction to the look of numbers and letters.

Playing with those tabs will also help babies learn motor development skills. As will using the squeak element in the fish’s tail. For all the learning elements there’s also the simple fact that it’s a beautifully designed cuddly friend. It’s not just perfect for hugging either. It’s designed with soft, sleek and non-toxic material that’s safe no matter how kids play with it.

I think that it’s best described as a sensory learning toy for babies and younger children. They’re able to explore it in a number of ways through all of their senses. And in doing so they also have a chance to learn about and develop those senses.

The Interactive Fishy – Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy is available through a number of different locations. One can order it through Amazon, Target and Walmart.

I give the Flip Fish Toy 5 out of 5 stars.

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