Is This the Cutest?

Not all parents believe in using pacifiers to help their baby self-sooth. If you are one of those parents who can’t live without one, you simply must check out the WubbaNub Elephant. It is a combination pacifier and soft plush animal that is designed with safety first.

I love the one-piece design that keeps the pacifier close to my baby’s mouth. The elephant is easy for him to grasp and soft enough to cuddle. I have two of them, one I keep in the car. Unlike most binkies, when the WubbaNub falls out of his mouth it doesn’t get lost in the car seat or fall on the floor. The light weight of the elephant keeps it close to my son, which makes running errands and car rides more pleasant for the both of us.

The pacifier end is the same one’s that you get in the hospital when your baby is born. It is made with medical-grade silicone and does not contain anything harmful like BPA’s, PVC or latex, so you can feel safe giving it to your newborn. The patented Soothie pacifier also eliminates the worry about germs and bacteria building up in any cracks, because there is none.

Another benefit is that as your baby grows he can cuddle and chew on the plush elephant without any worry. When teething begins they need something to help with them sooth their little gums. The WubbaNub provides comfort for their gums and gives them something to chew that won’t hurt them or come apart, so no worry about choking here.

The only drawback to the one-piece construction is I had a hard time washing and sterilizing it when needed. At first, I dipped the pacifier end in a cup of boiling water and let it air dry. But over time, the elephant began to look dirty and I wanted to wash it. The solution is to place the WubbaNub into a mesh garment bag and throw it in the washing machine, but do not put it in the dryer. This worked out well and the pacifier wasn’t damaged at all.

Now I buy all of my friends who are expecting these cute Soothies for shower gifts. . Out of a five star rating the WubbaNub Elephant pacifier gets a solid five. I love it because it is hard to lose and heck, it gets five stars on its cuteness alone. You can order them from Amazon, Target and Buybuybaby.

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