Jump for Joy

The Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo is a free-standing infant jumper that is perfect for babies when they want to stand up but have nowhere to go. You can help baby get all their “wiggles” out when using the jumper, and they get to play with their favorite animals at the same time.

The setup is perfect for babies to explore their world. There are animals around the edge of the jumper that babies can grab, twist, and turn. These particular animals help babies with their motor skills, and there are a few hanging mobile-style animals that hang over your baby’s head.

The whole thing is set up on a circular base that ensures your baby does not fall over. At the same time, baby can jump, move, and even lean to reach the hanging animals. The jumper is very safe, and it has attractive colors that make baby want to play.

This is the perfect item for anyone who wants to have a break while baby plays. You can bring the jumper into any room, and your baby can play for quite a while as you complete other tasks.

The jumper makes amazing sounds and lights up so that baby can interact more with the animals. This is a good way to keep baby stimulated when they are playing, and the sounds can be turned off if it is too much for mom. The lights are stimulating, and there are even two toys that baby can take with them.

The link between the take-along toys and the jumper makes baby want to play more. You can easily bait your baby with their toy by asking, “do you want to jump?” This is also a good way for you to learn what your baby wants. If your baby wants the take-along toy, that might mean they want to jump.

The seat and pad on the jumper can be removed, washed, and replaced. This is the most important part of this jumper. Baby could have accidents at any time, and you do not want to ruin the jumper just because of a little accident. Throw the seat pad in the wash while your baby takes their nap. When they wake up, they can play with the jumper some more.

The only issue with this jumper is that it could tip over if baby is especially aggressive or big. You cannot leave your child alone unattended, but even so, it could tip over if baby jumps or leans over a little too much.

I love this jumper, and I would give it five stars for parents who want their babies to be active and have some enrichment during the day.

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