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Just Like Mommy – Click N’ Play 8 Piece Girls Pretend Play Purse Review
Imaginative play refines your kid’s social, intellectual, language, and emotional skills. However, finding an excellent toy to engage little girls in pretend play can be a real hassle, more so if you don’t have a particular toy in mind.

Are you in such a state? I have reviewed Click N’ Play’s Pretend Girls Play Purse, an imaginative play toy I purchased for my little girl. The review will help you make a conscious purchasing judgment.

The girls’ pretend play purse comes with eight different toys. It has a smartphone, hairbrush, car keys, credit card, lipstick, and a blush with an applicator. The toys present your kid with endless play opportunities.

For instance, your kid can pretend to apply makeup, start a car engine, go shopping, make a call, as well as groom her hair. The smartphone and car keys produce sensational sounds and lights to add more fun to your kid’s imaginative play sessions.

Each toy in this pretend play purse has an attractive hue to charm your little girl. She wouldn’t mind using the toys regularly or showing them off to friends. In fact, the pretend play purse’s toys would be an excellent way to replace your kid’s screen time.

The toys come in a pink fabric purse with attractive decorations. It uses a zipper to lock its components securely and it has sturdy handles to carry it effortlessly.

Click N’ Play’s Pretend Play Purse’s toys are designed from safe materials to protect your lovely one from detrimental effects associated with BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and other potentially harmful compounds.

Fabricated from a durable construction material, the pretend play purse’s toys can bear regular use and abuse for long. They are ideal for overactive kids who are likely to subject their toys to some abuse.

On the downside, the battery-powered pretend cellphone and car keys don’t come with their button cells. Therefore, you will need to purchase the cells separately. Additionally, you will have to replace the button cell batteries whenever they drain.

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Overall, I would recommend this Pretend Play Purse to fellow moms looking for a birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday gift for their little girls aged below eight years. The play purse is attractive, its toys are durable, and it would give you a reasonable value for your money. I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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