Keep Your Baby’s Head Bump-Free

KINGLAKe 12 Pcs Thick Baby Safety Soft Corner Guards Baby Safety Protectors Furniture Corner Bumpers

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who is extra cautious when it comes to my child’s safety and well-being. It must be a universal parental instinct – the second you walk into a room, you scan for possible danger zones and are constantly on alert for new hazards. Yes, kids will be kids, they will get scraped and bruised and bumped and it’s all part of growing up and learning, but can anyone blame us for trying to keep our precious little ones happy and safe? To that end, I’ve spent hours searching for the best and simplest ways to baby-proof my home, and these Kinglake Soft Corner Guards are just the ticket. They come in three colors – black, coffee brown, and oyster white, and are made of a wonderfully thick, shock absorbing foam material. The material itself reminds me of pipe insulation foam – soft yet dense and durable.

I found that these are much better than most of the common corner guards that are typically sold in stores. For starters, these are stretchy enough to fit on difficult corners, and do not have any hard plastic inside to interfere. Each corner guard attaches with 3M double sided tape, which is sticky enough to keep the guards in place when they are bumped into repeatedly. This also makes them a breeze to install – just peel and stick. However, if your child is determined to yank on the guard hard enough it could possibly become displaced, so you may want to reinforce the 3M tape with a more permanent attachment method. The included 3M tape should be easily removable from your furniture later on, although you might never want to take them off. I know my shins have been much happier since these have around!

Another thing I love about these corner guards is that there are several color options. I’ve noticed that many of the guards sold in stores are only available in white. This is rather surprising given the obvious variety of furniture colors and materials. Of course, safety comes first so if white were the de facto choice, then we would just go with it. But with these guards, I don’t have to suffer through ruined furniture aesthetics. I have one set in each color and am happy to report that they blend in nicely with everything from the wooden coffee table to the black office desk to the white bed frame corners.

Finally, as a lover of natural products, I feel like I can give these high rating because they are made from a material that is not only fire resistant but also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Babies and toddlers will, of course, put their mouths on everything, and while obviously I would never allow my little one to teeth on one of the guards, I can relax in knowing that there is no danger in the material itself. The only small caveat I would have is if you are the owner of a pet who is a heavy chewer, you may want to consider a different product as you certainly don’t want your pet swallowing foam pieces.

In sum, these are overall are a great value for the money and I encourage all of you to check them out. This product is available in sets of twelve at several online retailers, including Amazon, ebay, and Fishpond.

Short of wrapping our kids in bubble wrap, these corner guards are a great way to keep their heads and other bump-prone spots bruise free. I give it 5 stars – highly recommended.

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