Keep Your Crawler Safe in the Crib

BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner

When expecting a baby, you’ve likely heard from family, friends and all across the internet that regular crib bumpers are simply not safe. While they may be very cute and pair nicely with your crib bedding set (and even typically included in crib sets), they do pose a suffocation hazard. As a new mother, I did not want to risk my child’s safety simply to be able to use their crib bumper. I set out on a search for the best bumper that would provide my child with a safe place to sleep, no suffocation risk and no way of getting their little arms stuck between the crib bars. The BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner seemed to be the solution for all of my concerns.

What is a Breathable Mesh Crib Liner?
A breathable mesh crib liner is designed to replace the regular bumper that you would typically use in a crib. Unlike your ordinary bumpers which can be very plush and padded, breathable crib liners are made out of a mesh material that you can almost see through. These crib liners are still soft and padded, providing babies with a comfortable place to sleep without any major risk factors. As a new mother, this product truly eased my mind when putting my baby down to sleep at night.

Benefits of a Breathable Mesh Crib Liner
Breathable mesh crib liners are tested, recommended and approved by leading physicians. One of the biggest benefits that I have found with this product is that it greatly reduces risks of suffocation. The mesh fabric uses Air Channel Technology that promotes airflow within the crib. That fact alone was enough for me to try out this crib bumper. It is safety evaluated and has won numerous awards for its design and safety features. Not only that, but it also prevents entanglement within the crib and eliminates the ability for babies to climb up the bars once they have mastered the art of crawling and standing.

The breathable crib liner is also completely hypoallergenic, making it a top choice for children with allergies or breathing problems. Another excellent benefit is that you don’t have to sacrifice attractiveness for effectiveness and safety. These bumpers come in several different solid colors that coordinate nicely with any crib bedding set. Some colors include white, blue, pink, green and purple. Its easy-wrap design makes it a breeze to attach to any standard size crib. I was able to use the textured fasteners to attach the liner in under 5 minutes.

Where To Purchase Breathable Bumpers
If you are interested in purchasing the breathable mesh crib liner and giving it a try for yourself, there are several major online retailers where it is available for purchase. Find this product for sale on Amazon, BabiesRUs and Buy Buy Baby. The BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner can also be purchased at a retailer near you.

Product Rating
When it comes to newborns, safety is of the utmost importance. I found that this product was one of my favorites to try out and review because of all of the benefits that it offered. I feel that any parent would be highly satisfied with these breathable bumpers. I would highly recommend them as gifts for expecting parents or as a regular purchase to replace the bumper that may have come with your crib set. This product truly deserves a high rating.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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