Keep your Fidget Entertained with the Fidget Spinner

Toms Fidgets Omega TriSpinnerYes, we all want to move away from labeling, so if there were an accurate adjective that describes the activities of a fidgety child, I would certainly use it. However, since I have not found such a word, we will stick with “fidgety child” in this review.

The idea behind fidget toys is to provide fidgety children with an acceptable outlet for their fidgety tendencies. Hopefully, this will ameliorate the home and academic challenges faced by fidgety kids.

How much better to have your child playing with a fidget toy in lieu of pencil tapping, leg shaking or pen-clicking? Maybe we can’t take the fidget out of the child, but we might be able to make life easier for fidgets and anyone in their neighborhood by redirecting that considerable energy.

The Spintech Omega Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy is a basic invention. It’s a three-winged, flat, plastic object with a central, ball-bearing spin unit. The toy is light but balanced. Nested into the edge of each wing is a large, steel ball bearing.

The concept with the Spinner is that your child can give one of the wings a push and it spins for quite a long time, up to three minutes. Your child can spin it in his or her hand between fingers or on a tabletop. Once placed on a flat surface, your child unleashes new play options. Since the wings each have steel ball bearings, anchor one wing and spin another for a kind of lopsided image.

The spinner is also a great toy to use in combination with magnets. Your child can start the spinner and use magnets to pull it in different directions, even through a basic obstacle course. Kids can create an obstacle course on a table consisting of, for example, a bridge made from blocks and a path between two uprights. Multiple people can compete to see who can finish the course fastest.

Watch what happens when you present your child with a spinner. You don’t need to supply any instructions or rules. Your fidgets will instantly see the potential of this toy and you will enjoy watching the innovations as they create games and tricks with the spinner.

Not only is the spinner a great outlet for fidgety youngsters, it is an ideal creative toy. Unlike video games that exercise only the thumbs, the Spinner exercises the mind. The Spinner is a creative foundation for your kids to invent games, tricks and activities – it is an unstructured activity that your kids will enjoy at home and on the go.

Give this cool toy/coping mechanism a spin – pun intended – and see what happens. The spinner makes a great party favor as well.

This product is made and manufactured in America. If you order a spinner that is shipped from China, it is a lesser imitation and may well arrive cracked and will not function nearly as well or be as durable.

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